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Penbridge Marine provides high quality risk control services to insurers of the subsea cable industry.

Our multi-disciplinary team of senior industry professionals is qualified and experienced in this niche sector of the marine industry covering the broad and diverse spectrum of matters associated with submarine cable projects and associated risks.


Principal services:

    •    Marine Warranty Survey

    •    Claims Support

    •    Technical Expert

Additionally we have the experience and expertise to extend these core service to other related matters relating to the risk control of high value projects, typically within the submarine cable industries of power transmission (e.g. grid interconnection and offshore renewable energy) and telecoms but additionally to other sectors of the marine industry where the risk control of high value projects is paramount.

Our experience in claims is based on first hand knowledge of project planning and management, equipment design and mobilisation, engineering and operational procedures and project programming and costs.


With our global experience of the marine and subsea cables industries extending from the highly developed and industrialised areas of the areas of the globe to the more remote regions, we have and continue to provide technical expertise on a number of high value and complex cases within our areas of specialism.


We would be pleased to talk to you about your particular requirements

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